20 Inspiring Parenting Quotes by Indian Moms

Parenting quotes are all about the mystic parenthood journey. As a parent, we all go through a rollercoaster ride with our children. The parenting journey is full of happiness and confusion. A new parent can be easily overwhelmed by their new responsibilities. It’s important to remember that a new parenting role doesn’t come with a job description. It is something that every parent has to learn on their own. Here, we have mentioned 20 most amazing parenting quotes written by Indian Moms whom we all can relate to. Hope these 20 best parenting quotes will inspire you and make your heart feel warm.

Parenting Quotes by Pregnancy to Parenthood

“A girl realises her real strength when she becomes a mother.” – Sudha Aman Goel

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As you grow up, you think that you have learnt everything and then you become a parent. – Ganga Rishi Sharma

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You know you are a parent when you have to deal with a small version of yourself. – Venecia Catul E Rebello

Becoming a mom is becoming a better human with each passing day! – Gauri Chavan

“My Child – You will always be a part of our hearts, and song of our souls” – Banashree Deb

You’re not doing any favor to kid by raising them, remember it was you who wanted them into your life. – Silky Ravi Mehndiratta

Parents are the real life superheroes. – Riza Khan

Parenthood made me a child again.
– Deepali Mahawar

The moment your baby rocks your world, he knocks your brain to unravel a new world of learning.
– Ganga Rishi Sharma

There is only one person who trusts me the most. My baby in the womb. – Nutan Pawar

A Child – The cutest part of our lives teaches us the toughest lessons through parenting.
– Kakuly Bhupendra Patil

Once a Parent you are NOT ONLY a Parent – you become a sibling, a friend, a teacher, a partner to your child. – Anila Nair

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The children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way, show them all the beauty they possess inside them. – Anjani Prasad

Dialogues that I speak to my kid are coming back time to time. Making me happy and sad at the same time. But I am loving it all! #MOTHERHOOD – Ankita Miglani Saini

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There are no rules for parenting. Create your own parenting style – Instinctive Parenting! – Durga Singh

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Kids don’t do what you say. They do what they see.
Be the mirror that reflects their goodness and shines at it’s best. – Supriya Goel Khopkar

“Sacrifice” never became easier unless you become a parent. – Ganga Sharma

Childhood should be enjoyment not a competition. – Silky Ravi Mehndiratta

Parenting is all about learning, unlearning , relearning and then the process never stops. – Vidula Vaidya-Amdekar

Parenting comes with lot of questions and doubt. Finding the right answer is the toughest part. – Srabana Chowdhury

20 inspiring parenting quotes

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