10 Indian Independence Day Activities for Kids – Fun and Patriotic Activites

Independence Day -15th August is a national holiday for all Indians to look forward to every year. Pregnancy to Parenthood shares 10 independence day activities for kids that Indian parents will love.


15TH OF AUGUST means so much to all of us. We are so lucky to live in a free country and would want our kids and coming generations to enjoy the same freedom. 200 hundred years of struggle to achieve something which seemed impossible at that time. So many sacrifices were made by our freedom fighters.

How do you make your child realize the importance of being FREE?

Listed here are 10 Independence Day Activities for Kids.

These activities will not only be fun but will also inspire children to learn more about their country and sacrifices made by our freedom fighters to achieve freedom.

1. Coloring Tri-color Indian Flag and making your own flag

Coloring the national flag of India is one of my fondest memories of all on the Independence day. This is the best activity for kids during this pandemic as going out for a flag hoisting is not an option. Just give the kids a drawing or white construction paper, markers, glue and a lolly stick. Making a flag on their own gives them a sense of pride.

Here is our lil Tristan chanting ‘Vande Mataram’ and ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ after coloring the National flag of India. Isn’t he cute?

2. Playing patriotic songs

There are innumerable Bollywood patriotic songs that have become famous over the years. Here are some of my favourites – ” Nanna Munna Rahi Hoon”, “Chhodo Kal Ki Baatein”, ” Maa Tujhe Salam “, “Vijayee Viswa Tiranga Pyaara”, “Ae Watan Mere Aabad Rahe Tu”.

3. Flag hoisting

This is the best part of Independence day – Kids attending flag hoisting in schools and community buildings and eating motichur ladoos being distributed after the flag hoisting. This year major schools have planned to do live flag hoisting. So while the kids will enjoy flag hoistings on ipads and computers – parents will tune into DD channel to see our Prime Minister live hoisting the Indian flag.

4. Dress up as a Patriotic leader and perform on a small act

A small mustache made with Kajal and a tilted hat will make your kid look-alike Bhagat Singh – who was an Indian activist, socialist, revolutionary, freedom fighter and social reformer. Dress up and acts can help kids to learn more about national freedom fighters and their sacrifices.

Here is handsome master Palash as Bhagat Singh.

5. Singing Nation Anthem

Jana Gana Mana is our National Anthem. Singing national anthem to small kids is more than their national duty. Their sweet renditions will surely make your hearts melt. Record them every year while singing. The compilation of years of singing will be truly valuable.

6. Blow and arrange Balloons in Tri-color format (Orange – White – Green)

Kids love balloons. Just make them blow a few of them and ask them to help decorate the house. Sticking a small Ashoka chakra will be a fun activity too.

Here is lil Riya enjoying the Independence day!

7. Watching patriotic movies with the whole family

Gandhi, Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi, The Legend of Bhagat Singh, The Ghazi Attack are some of the good movies that you can watch with your family. Many of the patriotic movies have violence. Try to skip parts where you think it’s inappropriate for your child based on their age.

8. Bake a Tri-color cake

Baking is such a fun activity for kids. A birthday cake for our country is not a bad idea – isn’t it! Here is a beautiful 15th August surprise cake video done by am upcoming Lil Master Chef Zion.


9. Make beautiful tri-color ribbon/cloth badges

Ribbon craft is always fun. Creating a ruffle with tri-color cloth or colored papers can also be an interesting activity.

10. Face painting with Tri-colors

Every kid adores face painting. Make sure to use water-based and non-toxic paint.

FAce Painting – Tri Colors on Independence day

Hope these activities will inspire our little patriots to love their country – India and be grateful to the freedom they enjoy.

Pregnancy to Parenthood is a community-driven blog and this year our India Mom Bloggers – Mamacitas took a unique pledge.

We pledge to raise our kids to respect every religion, caste, and creed.

We pledge to raise our kids to respect every community helper (from teachers to doctors to sweepers) who have been working tirelessly during these pandemics.

We pledge to raise our kids to respect and value every living being.

We pledge to raise our kids to follow law and order.

Freedom of speech is for everyone – We pledge to give our child the freedom to express their point of view freely.

And lastly, we pledge to raise our kids to be GRATEFUL – for toys, education, money, food, books, and coloring pencils and most importantly – to be grateful for FREEDOM.

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