A baby shower is an important day for any mother. It is a day to celebrate and rejoice, and every mother must be showered with love and gifts today.

A fun and exciting part of this day is the exchange of baby shower gifts. Most often, mothers-to-be are given gifts that are going to help with the birth of the baby. When choosing gifts, you should even take into account the needs of the expectant mother.

Here’s a list of the best baby shower gifts that every mom will love and appreciate:

Soft Toys

I believe that soft toys are the perfect gift for any occasion, be it gender reveal, or baby showers. You can pick from the many choices available like animals, superheroes, cartoon characters, etc. 

Breast Pump Kit

Pumping will become a part of the mother’s daily life. A gift that helps her be ready for pumping will be perfect in terms of fulfilling future utility needs. Your kit can include an electric breast pump/manual breast pump, milk storage bags, bottles, extra bottle nipples, nipple cream, breast pads, bottle sterilizer, or bottle drying rack.

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is one of the best baby shower gifts you can give to parents-to-be. A newborn carrier is a handy gift and to many parents an indispensable item. With a baby carrier, traveling with the baby, be it a trip to home town or a small visit to the grocery store is easier and more efficient. 

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets stand out, as they are a collection of many gift items. They can be customized or even handmade! If you are handmaking a gift basket, it can include a mix-and-match of things. Like baby diapers, towels, napkins, wipes, baby food, baby toys, etc. You can craft it creatively and smartly. You can also include hand crocheted/knitted baby blankets, hats, and booties. You can also go for ready-made gift baskets that include a set of baby items like talcum powder, soap, nail cutter, etc. 

Photography Session

You can book them a session with a professional photographer. Baby bump photos are always so cute and not to be missed also once the baby arrives, they can start documenting their memories by visiting a professional photographer. It is an awesome gift to have a pre-booked and pre-paid session.


This gift might seem like a broad-ended one. Books give you a wide platform for choosing. It can be a book that helps with choosing names or guides for parenting or baby storybook and playbooks. A thoughtful gift would be a favorite book of the mother, a book she has been wanting to read for a long time.

Baby Clothes

As all of us parents out there are aware, our baby goes through a myriad of clothes on a daily basis. Every time they spit or soil their clothes we have to change them. A never-ending stack of clothes is what every parent wishes for. A nice gift would be contributing to this stack of onesies or t-shirts. 

Self-Care Package

A baby shower is not just for celebrating the arrival of a baby, it is also the celebration of the mom-to-be. Being a mother starts from the very beginning and is a life-long process. The period of pregnancy can be one that is exhausting, frustrating, and trying at many points. A self-care package for the mother, like food for her food cravings, a spa session coupon, her favorite book, skincare items, etc. will go a long way. 

Hope this helps you pick the right item as the baby shower gift! Feel free to share your list of best baby shower gifts in the comments.

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