My Instant Noodles – How my family was complete

“Dear baby bear,

I didn’t give u the gift of life but God gave me the gift of your life. Birth can not express my love for u. You are my hope, dream and my life. God chose me to love you and guide u. Dear love, always know that I will always love you and as you say we are a family forever.

Your mumma bear”

After several rounds of IUI and massive IVF disaster, I was left with excruciating pain and disappointment. The treatment was not only physically and mentally intensive, but it made me obsessed. My urge to become a mother grew to an obsession. We prayed, we hoped, we did everything possible physically and financially. But God had other plans. 

We were really giving it our all to extend our family. It is then that we thought about adoption. After a lot of discussions, we decided to go forward. However, adoption was not easy. There were numbers of processes. We had to go through truckloads of paper work and proofs to assure that we are capable of looking after a child. Thanks to my dear husband who took care of every single detail. It took several months. I was devastated, depressed and heart broken… I had lost all hope. 

Then the big day came unannounced. We rushed to the agency after getting an email from CARA in the hope of seeing our baby. Normally it takes about 9 months to become a mother, but for me it was only a day. The day we saw her. That is why I sometimes call her my instant noodle. We were waiting in a hall when the social worker brought HER. She almost jumped from her lap and clanged to me. That was it! It was love at first sight and the feeling was mutual. I felt a strong connection and bond. It was the big once in a life time moment. And I became a mother instantly. After a week our anxious waiting came to end. We got the permission to bring her home. On an auspicious day of Durgashtami my little princess entered our house and heart. The journey of my parenthood began. It has been the best decision of my life. 

I feel that people like us who are really keen to extend their family but have some challenges should really explore adoption. A baby is a baby, there are no tags to differentiate between them. A baby will give you the same happiness irrespective of whether you procreate or adopt. My world has become complete, why don’t you make yours complete too?

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