Baby You have Grown! I see my Baby Bump

April 30, 2013 (First time I noticed my baby bump)

My Sweet Pumpkin,

You have grown! My baby bump is growing noticeably. So there’ll be no hiding it any longer. Everyone around is asking your Nina and me about the due date. Some say, first time mothers tend to show later while second timers show earlier. During the early months of carrying you, I kind of felt a little left out for not really having a baby bump. But now at about 16 weeks, I have started showing. The first 3 months were horrendous with all the nausea and even weight loss. And now, I am gaining weight. I am craving for sweet or sour foods all the time. It’s tough to please my palette.

It seems like you are changing positions every other day and my bump starts taking weird shapes. Aunties around are have begun playing the guessing games of ‘GIRL or BOY’. But I don’t bother. All I want is for you to grow bigger and stronger.

I am totally in love with my pregnant body. Your dad says that I have never looked so beautiful. He enjoys running his hand on my baby bump trying to get a feel of you. I am really feeling awesome these days. Your dad and I are waiting for you to move. Some expecting moms can feel their baby’s moves as early as 13-16 weeks. Let’s see how long you’ll keep us waiting.

Baby, we have a lot of growing do to together, so keep thriving!

Doctor says my uterus is stretching to allow YOU to grow. Carrying all this extra weight will put a lot of strain on muscles, especially on my back. Of late I’ve been having weird pains everywhere down below (pelvic region). I haven’t decided on buying a maternity support belt yet. I’ve still got to buy a few maternity clothes. I can’t even decide on the colors for your nursery. I don’t know if we are buying a baby cot or a cradle. But I know soon enough I will have to do all of that. For now I am just going to relax and enjoy all that this pregnancy has to offer.

Yummy Tummy Mommy 🙂

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