Dream – Mother’s Day Poem

This is a Mother’s Day Poem – Dedicated to all the pregnant moms .

When we found you inside,

Emotions were hard to hide.

So many questions in our mind arise,

So many dreams wake up in our eyes.

How much you weigh and how tall would you be,

When you will come, we will be three.

Would you be a doll with beautiful curly hair,

Or would you be tall, handsome, and fair?

How do you feel inside the little room?

We’re waiting eagerly for you to bloom.

And what about your little fingers and toes,

Do we have the same runny nose?

Every spew makes me smile.

It feels like you are walking a mile.

We haven’t seen you yet,

But the thought of losing you makes us sweat.

You are a prayer we asked for day and night,

Come and bless us with your bright light.

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