Fetal Movement – Flutters – Is That You Baby?

May 1, 2013 (First time felt my baby move – fetal movement)

My Dear Munchkin,

Your father is getting obsessed with the ‘fetal movement’ phenomena. He has been doing a lot of weird research lately on when I should start feeling your little kicks and bumps. And when he is not researching he is worrying – Not feeling anything yet? It’s been so many weeks? Is something wrong with the baby? Should we see the doctor?

Finally I had to give in and we called our doctor. He told us that first baby movements would be felt anytime between 16 to 25 weeks.

Your Nina described her first fetal movements as bubbling and tickling when she was expecting your Aunt. To your grandma it was more like a soft vibration. I asked many of my mommy to be friends and new moms, and they all had different things to say:

  • Tickling
  • Crawling bug like feeling
  • Butterflies in tummy
  • Spasms like
  • Bubbles popping
  • Knock like feeling
  • Twitching
  • Little fish in tummy
  • Rumbling
  • Humming vibration

Oh Baby!, then one day you finally MOVED!

To me it was more like someone slowly knocking the walls of my lower belly. I can’t really describe how awesome it felt to feel you move for the very first time. Initially I really thought it was gas, but then the quickening stayed a bit longer. I clearly remember it was around 2 O’clock in the afternoon.

The next day I noticed you moved at the very same time, and the day after that too. Interestingly, it happened half an hour after I had my lunch everyday. This led me to research a bit.. like your father :-). I found out that the surge in your activity was due to my changing blood sugar levels after lunch.

So I decided to play around a bit sometimes by sipping cool sweet drinks, eating chocolates and even pickles to see how you responded.

I look forward to keeping track of all those little punches, jabs, and kicks to make sure you are growing normally.

Happy Mommy me 🙂

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