Poem – Goodbye 2020 (You will be missed)

2020 has been surely difficult for all of us. Our Mamacita, Riza Khan bids “Goodbye 2020” in her own style. 2020 has wronged us in so many ways but there is still a ray of hope. Hope that the new year is going to be better. Adios 2020 – Goodbye!

We welcomed 2020 with joy and cheer,
But it turned out to be our biggest fear.

The virus spread by our neighbor,
Was definitely an unwelcomed favour.

Ohh 2020 you will be missed
Not for the Corona of course, but for the other lifestyle twist.

We will miss work from home
The never-ending pajama party,
And the excitement, anxiety syndrome.

We will miss spending time with family
Where we realized we are no longer lonely.

We will miss the clear sky
When people were in their houses and birds could freely fly.

This year made us realize the value of life,
Our struggles to fight the virus and how we strive.

So be thankful, you are alive.
This year was difficult in many ways
But we humans will bounce back and will revive.

Goodbye 2020.

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