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Our Mamacita Poonam Dongare steals a special chance to wish her dad – Happy Father’s day!

Not many of us remember when exactly Father’s Day falls as compared to Mother’s Day. Part of the blame goes to Bollywood songs too as there are many songs dedicated to Mom like “Meri Maa” but not many like “Mere Papa”! Most of us are normally more inclined towards our mothers and share everything with them. All fathers are aware of this fact, and at times feel disheartened too, as they don’t get to share that special bond that mothers have with their child. But still, they work hard to give the best to their children and their only aim is to give all the luxuries in life that they couldn’t enjoy as a child.

Fathers may not be as expressive or as emotional as mothers are, but their hearts too beat for their children. The immense love within them can make them go to any extent to just see their child smile.
Maintaining the norm of being as strong as men, they always try to withhold their emotions and appear calm. But their heartaches too when they see their child in pain.

Though fathers are the income earners in most families, they hardly spend it on themselves and feel pleased to shower it all on their family. Any promotions mean purchases for the entire family. During
Diwali too, father’s shopping turn would always come in the end and will always happen in a jiffy.
Father’s love has always been selfless and unconditional for his children. Even after making all the
sacrifices in life for the sake of his children and never getting any credit for that, all he expects is to
see his child happy and content in life.

No matter how much mothers love their children, every child yearns for a father’s love in their early years as that is where the strength, self-confidence, and motivation is derived from. Fathers are like the shock absorbers for their daughters, standing by them in every aspect of life. We as women try to find a little of our father’s in our husbands too. As one day the father’s princess grows up and wants to be treated like a queen by her husband too. Every one of us secretly wants that never-ending fairy tale!

On this Father’s Day, I would like to say that I love you, Pappa, You are my HERO! And also huge
respect to all the fathers who have been silently shaping and molding their kid’s personality towards
being a better person in life.

Happy Father’s Day to all!

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