Happy Parenting – Kids are made of love, made by love and to be raised with love

Happy Marriage Coach, Anila Niar shares “Happy Parenting Secrets” with Pregnancy to Parenthood.

There is a strange connection between LOVE and CHILDREN.

The conception of an offspring is the result of LOVE. The process of growth of your progeny is carried out with LOVE. The birth and growing up of your child is FULL OF LOVE. While we know that LOVE and the CYCLE of bringing our future generations in this world are inseparable, how many of us are taking serious cognizance of this and taking corrective actions if the LOVE seems to be fading from our relationships. Happy Parents = Happy Parenting!

I am a Happy Marriage Coach for women and mostly when I am interacting with them, they are looking for a solution to their problems in marriage.

Everyone is still inward focused on the issues between spouses and neither of them ready to resolve their differences. They are looking for someone to reaffirm if they are RIGHT or WRONG and to gain some knowledge about relationships.

In the end, almost everyone has the thought – What will I? Why should I? How will I? Leaving their marriage and relationship to FATE or TIME.

They are almost blind to the impact their relationship is having on their children. A couple can walk out of a marriage in two ways.

  1. Separation
  2. Roommates
happy parenting - kids need parents the most
Happy Parenting – Happy Kids

Growing up days act like cement in the foundation of life. Once set – cannot be molded. Either the cement slab breaks or causes hurt to the other.

The second one is more fatal for children. Having a relationship that is disturbed and having a pseudo presence in your lives causes incomprehensible damage to the psyche of children. 

Their inner self imbibes these signals and creates a dysfunctional image of life and relationships. 

There are enough and more proofs on how the children get adversely affected and their future are put at stake because of a troubled relationship of parents.

Harmony between couples is directly proportional to the overall well-being of the children. Happy parenting for happy kids!
  • You are their world and you are the way they understand the world. 
  • You exemplify love for them
  • You symbolize relationship for them
  • You define their social being
quality time is required for happy parenting
Happy Parenting involves quality family time!

This is a responsibility that one cannot, and one should not run away. We are entrusted with building the future of this world. 

I really feel that if the concept of HAPPY MARRIAGE is tied with HAPPY CHILDREN and a HAPPIER WORLD – couples around the world will be ready to take more responsibility and action of putting their act together.

Would a parent ever let go of the last straw that can save their offspring from drowning? A similar feeling of HOPE, FAITH, CONFIDENCE, DO OR DIE attitude is needed to save relationships.

love and respect is the foundation of happy parenting
Foundation of Happy PArenting is love

Work on your relationships for your kids to know the values of:

  • Love
  • Respect
  • Admiration
  • Acceptance
  • Tolerance

My call for all the couples who are parents too – You already have the DEDICATION which every parent has for safeguarding the interest of their children. TREAT YOUR TROUBLED RELATIONSHIP as a THREAT to the best interest of your children and you will find a WAY.

I strongly believe that all children deserve love, nurturing, safe environment, and dependable parenting to help them raise, teach, and grow. Parents are the key role models in a child’s life. The journey of happy parenting can start with a little change of perspective!


Happy Marriage! Happy Parenting!

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