Pregnancy Journal: Sweet Baby – I Know You Are There

Our Mamacita, Durga Singh, shares her notes from the pregnancy journal of her first pregnancy.

Pregnancy Journal Got Positive Pregnancy Test!
Jan 08, 2013

Dear Little one,

Welcome to our world. Deep inside me, I already knew you have arrived in my womb. Today I saw those two dark pink beautiful lines that every woman dreams for. A secret between you and me, I literally dreamt about getting a positive pregnancy test last night.

Pregnancy Journal – positive pregnancy test

I informed your father as soon as I got the positive pregnancy test. He couldn’t believe me and kept asking me again and again, “Is it for real?” I had to swear to make him believe. Your arrival has made me and your father complete. You are the elite living symbol of the love that your father and I have shared together for all these years.

Sweet child, I am yet not wondering if you are going to be our first son or daughter. I just want you to be healthy and peachy. I want you to stay there as long as possible – I mean for the next eight months. You have no idea how special you are for our family. Your grandparents have waited years for this good news. I am going to hold my excitement and not share the news with them until the doctor’s appointment. Trust me; you have a very eager family waiting for your onset.

My sweetie, I look forward to all the pains and pleasures we will together share for the next eight months. I want to cherish and treasure every single day of this pregnancy. It fills me with great excitement just to imagine how your first movement in me will feel like. Will it be a summersault kick or a sweet little bump? I stood today in front of the mirror to find out what has changed in me and nothing seemed different except the two new emotions that have now taken over my head, the anxiety of new responsibility and joy of motherhood.

Your father has gone through a major career change now and is in a different city while I am writing this letter. He must be filled with solemn dread of extra responsibility as I am not there with him. We both are each other’s energy sources.

Nothing is impossible for us when your father and I are together. This news was so special and I am not so happy about sharing it with him on the phone. I wanted to share it in his ears (the classic way) or by gifting something special, but now the moment has passed. Little one, don’t be disheartened. I do plan to gift you a little brother or sister in the coming years, so maybe next time we will together do something exceptional.

My sweet-heart, life was so different when you were not in me. I never had slowed down and had never ever thought twice before bending forward. I will have to be more careful now. All this makes me feel more different, more alive than ever. I can’t wait to see you bouncing joyfully in my womb.

I plan to visit the doctor soon, maybe this week itself. It’s late night now and sleep seems to have disappeared from my eyes. I don’t know if it is one of those bizarre pregnancy symptoms or mere excitement. I look forward to all such symptoms and like any crazy expectant mother would log them all for memories. I definitely feel more bloated today :-).

I want to thank you God for giving us this joy.

Lots of love,

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