Pregnancy Journal: Lovely Nausea – Morning Sickness is here now

Mamacita, Durga Singh, shares her morning sickness (pregnancy nausea) experiences from her pregnancy journal.

Pregnancy Journal
First time I experienced morning sickness

February 1, 2013

My Little Blueberry,

I saw and heard the sound of your heartbeat last week. It was an amazing feeling. Now that I
knew you were doing fine in there, all I needed was another kind of assurance. The feel of your movement. But kicks are far down the road says the doctor. What he did ask me to be prepared for now at 7 weeks was the pregnancy nausea. Stronger nausea, stronger the pregnancy!

So yes, I had been waiting to experience that strange squeaky feeling for a couple of days.

Today, your grandpa was re-filling the hand wash bottle when I barged into the bathroom and Baam!!…It was the worst puke of my life.

Morning Sickness (Nausea)

Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

My sweet munchkin, I know this may sound a bit yucky. But if you’re a daughter, someday when you feel a fluttering joy inside you, you will relate to all of this. Trust me!

According to some studies, nausea, and vomiting also called morning sickness in pregnancy affect almost 75% of women. And Yes, I am one of them.

When you dearly wanted a baby and that dearly wanted baby makes you puke all the time,
but you still want it more than anything in the world… that purely defines MOTHERHOOD.
Sometimes, it gets hard to cope. You feel like hell. The daily cooking smells, trips to the bathroom, brushing teeth, the damn (sorry) medicines, milk, everything makes you nauseous.
Nothing is worse than the lingering fear of puking at the clinic or your best friend’s dinner party. I could never really figure out how one of the greatest joys of motherhood – Nausea –
could make me so miserable yet thankful and gratified at the same time.

Smell of Lemons can help with Morning Sickness

I knew very early about you my love, so I was expecting this. In fact, I was waiting for it. But there are many women in this wonderful world who aren’t aware of their pregnancies up until their first-morning sickness bout. Morning sickness is a blessing from God almighty to make us slow down a bit. It reminds us how our body is changing and forces us to prioritize our lifestyle.

So while I was coping with all this, the smell of fresh lemon, frequent munching, ice creams,
orange candy, and coconut water helped me. But they say it is different for everyone. Today,
I am craving an orange popsicle.

Feeling yucky yet happy.


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