Best Reflection Games and Toys – Why Mirrors are Good for Your Baby’s Development

Mirrors trigger curiosity in babies helping them develop their sensory systems. This article is all about how to introduce reflection games and mirror toys to your babies.

Babies have a cloudy vision at birth as their visual system hasn’t been developed completely. There is a substantial change during the first few months of their life. Babies can categorically see things around 8 to 10 inches from their face – rest to them is a little abuzz. But they can surely differentiate between very contrasted colored objects. Your baby should start to follow moving things with their eyes and try to reach for them at around three months of age.

Mirrors are a great way to help babies develop their early visual system. Not only that, mirrors motivate babies to reach, and hold objects by crawling/moving/rolling helping them develop gross-motor and fine-motor skills. Mirrors improve hand-eye coordination and also increases babies’ attention span when they play games for a longer time.

Parenting Myths around Mirrors and Babies

There are many beliefs and superstitions associated with the mirrors in different cultures, especially related to babies. According to the myth, baby seeing their own reflection in a mirror before their first birthday is considered very inauspicious. Some people believe that this diminishes a baby’s intellect. And some believe that evil spirits might rob the kid’s soul or even cause death. 

As a parent, it is very natural to try to do what is very best for your child even if it means believing in a few superstitions. But again, balancing emotions and logic is the key to becoming a good parent. The myth around mirrors and babies have no logic and so needs to be disregarded. 

Reflection Games with Mirror

mirror reflection games - mirror games

The best way to introduce mirrors to your child is by placing an unbreakable mirror or a safely secured mirror on the wall/wardrobe in front of your baby. Position your baby so that it can see both your and his/her reflection. It’s very natural for the baby to be scared or confused the first few times. Here are some reflection games that can help your baby love mirrors… 

  1. Point it out – Ask your kid to point the nose, eyes, ears.. etc and you do the same. This game will help the child learn parts of the body. 
  2. Emoji – Ask your child to make funny emoji faces like happy, sad, angry, surprise, etc. to help him/her learn about emotions. 
  3. Mimic – Ask your child to copy and say whatever you are saying and vice versa… This is not only a fun activity but also will help the child to see how some lips move when we talk helping them to expand vocabulary.
  4. Tummy time – Mirrors toys specially designed for tummy time motivate your baby to lift his/her head and see thing around. 
  5. Mustache play – Let the baby scribble on the mirror using a dry erase marker. Show him how to make a mustache or a pirate eye patch on his reflection. You will surely hear a lot of giggles after this activity.

Some Mirror Toys for Babies

Fisher-Price® Play & Crawl Hedgehog Mirror

This roll-along hedgehog toy can be used as a tummy-time toy for your baby, with a cute face to look at in the mirror. This toy is perfect when your child is ready to crawl or walk – all you need to do is to give a gentle push! This toy not only helps in building gross and fine motor skills for babies but also with the rattle and visual simulations help in sensory development.

Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror

Yes, you can use a general mirror to engage your kids but is it really safe to use it given the babies have the tendency to hold and throw things around them. Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror has a soft frame that keeps the mirror safe for your child. To further enhance your baby’s curiosity, it features a rotary ball ladybug and a circling, clicking bee. This toy is perfect for your child’s sensory and motor skills.   

Fisher-Price 2 In 1 Flip & Fun Activity Gym

This Activity Gym is perfect for your baby’s lay and playtime to tummy time. The moveable toy arch can stand up, so little ones can look up at the dangling cute toys, and then fold down for tummy time play. A self-discovery mirror helps to engage your baby’s growing visual skills.

Fisher-Price Shake ‘n Beats Tambourine Baby 

The Shake ‘n Beats™ Tambourine has a large-shiny mirror to help stimulate your baby’s sensory. This toy is well built with lovely colors and musical rattles. It is also a very affordable option for new parents. reach for things 

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