Marvel’s of Motherhood (MOM)- New Year and New Hopes

Hi Moms,

Wishing all a prosperous, healthy, and happy new year! The start of this hopeful new year 2021 reminds me of the same bright, cheerful, and hopeful new year of 2015 when my motherhood journey was about to bear fruits. My motherhood which experienced the most amazing dawn of my life in the year 2014, was moving to the next step with our biggest day arriving closer and closer. By mid-March 2015 our dream was about to turn into a marvelous reality, a dream which we had aspired for, since long.

The Big Day and our Blessing to arrive soon

Almighty definitely has his own plans to shower his blessings at the right place and right time….so here it was our right time and the right place. March 2015 was the destined month when I was about to explore infinite Marvels Of Motherhood, baby moments, joys of family, and all about being MOM.

The whole phase of pregnancy was like, me being in dreamland by getting all attention, utmost care, love, and pampering. The pregnancy phase had most ups and few petty downs for me with extreme cravings, minor body pains, least mood swings, and thankfully no morning/evening sickness, no sleeplessness, no hard pains and not much swelling in legs/feet. This phase was going smooth for me and amidst all of this pregnancy routine, my yoga, walk, and diet too were going on great.

Till 10 months I did all by myself and for the month of baby birth, we decided to call my MIL from India, to be with us for elderly support n guidance and share our utmost happiness. In her presence, my baby shower was planned in Jan 2015, like a big bash and all the wonderful moments we seized, as a treasure for the little one to see after birth, that we didn’t miss even a moment to celebrate baby’s arrival.

Baby Shower

After the 7th month, generally, a baby shower is organized for the would-be mom and her baby to receive blessings, wishes, and love from near and dear ones and to make would-be mom feel more special about her pregnancy phase. As per Indian customs, baby shower rituals are performed in the 7th month as this month is considered to be safe for a pregnant woman and her baby in the womb.

Since most of the developmental changes are almost in the completion phase after the 7th month, so these rituals performed are an indication that the coming months would be safe, full of blessings, love and care for the would-be mom and her baby. Thus a memorable experience of life too.

My baby shower celebration was no anomaly either. Such a memorable day it was, when I could relive and treasure all moments of the start of my pregnancy till that day and cherish them in coming years as well.

We were so elated and jubilant that day and I was on cloud nine in fact realizing that these were the moments we were longing for and now it was all appearing like a dream….a dream which would be materializing soon, just fingers were crossed. My baby shower indeed had that majestic feel when I was abundantly joyful and the warmth of love and care I felt when all were performing rituals for me, giving me all the importance, conveying warm wishes and blessings… was the absolute feel of a queen being pampered.

Lots of cheerful moments, goodies, sing, dance, games, food, fun and frolic marked the day and by night I was not exhausted but sleepless for the first time, pondering upon how my journey started, what all pains and heartbreaks we had to bear before we could embrace these blissful moments.

I had a feeling of immense gratitude to Almighty that he finally blessed me, graced me, loved me and granted me a BOON, indeed for life… be indebted forever and ever.No words can explain that heavenly feel, which till today is engraved in my heart and is as fresh as the first day of my pregnancy.

My Motherhood journey, it’s feel and existence was certainly incomplete without my equal half who had semblance with me in the feel each day and for the same reason to make me feel super special – my husband had planned our baby shower bash and made it a memorable day of my life. With all this jubilation, we both in a real sense had to kneel down in the feet of God for bringing a ray of hope/joy/love/boon for us in New year 2015.

I hope that equivalent joy or more finds way in your lives as well, to make you cheerful, hopeful, and thankful ever. Best wishes and hopes for this New Year 2021 to be a prosperous and peaceful one and all. God bless!!

More marvels of my motherhood journey will be coming up with my next articles. Till then stay tuned, stay patient and hopeful ever…as I was.

Much love,

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  • Mitthi Mishra
    Posted February 6, 2021 5:49 pm 0Likes

    So beautifully written
    Blessed moments of women’s life

    • Supriya Khopkar
      Posted March 25, 2021 3:08 am 0Likes

      Thanks dear Mitthi for ur luv n kind words 💞💞

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