Mother’s Day Hype – Why not?

Celebrating Mother’s day and making our mothers feel special is an awesome feeling. But are flowers, gifts and cakes enough to express your solemn love to your creators? Or maybe they are.

Going back to the origins of this day, it dates way back to the early years of the 20th century when Anna Jarvis established the first official Mother’s Day on May 10th 1908 at a Methodist church in West Virginia to commemorate her mother’s death. This church has now been incorporated as the International Mother’s Day shrine, dedicated to all mothers around the world. Her idea behind it was to create a legacy to honour all the mothers and maternal bonds universally for future generations to come.

I have quite some wonderful memories of Mother’s day celebrations in my life. As a matter of fact, I got indulged in the celebration only as a grown up. It takes me down memory lane to when every year my big big family consisting of uncles, aunties, grandparents and of course all the cousins in dozens would come together to this ancestral home on the tiny island village of St. Jacinto in Goa for the church feast. Incidentally, the feast is celebrated on the second Sunday of May which happens to coincide with the International Mother’s Day. So, the celebrations would double up with a cake cutting ceremony and wishing, kissing and hugging all the lovely mommies in the family. We would all somehow manage to find ourselves a spot in the spacious verandah, joking and laughing at silly family banter. We’d sing and sway to some good old Goan folk songs and enjoy the sumptuous feast spread and some wine to go with it (making sure the tiny tots were kept busy). 

Oh, how I wish I could go back and relive those days now that I am a mom myself. Be surrounded by loved ones and get pampered with so much attention. Pampering reminds me of this one time when some of us cousins had even put our pocket money together and bought small gifts for all the moms and I must say, they were so dearly touched by this little gesture from their children. 

Speaking of gifts, many people now talk about the commercialization of these days that are held in the year – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s day and many more. In fact, the founder Anna Jarvis herself was upset with the commercialism of her idea and even protested saying that it was never her intention.

But in my opinion, if we’re talking about gifting cards, flowers, cakes or even dinners, I just fail to understand the fuss. If it does take a person some or all of the above-listed things to express their feelings and emotions, then so be it! Let’s face it people… we live in a material world and surrounded by materialistic people. And while some have it in us to express in our own creative ways, many do not. And for them, these ‘commercial things’ becomes a means to do just that.  

They say you don’t need a day to celebrate the ones you love. Maybe you don’t.  But I say “What is the harm?” You’re only letting another person know that they are loved and appreciated. And it’s probably this person who has done so much more or even made sacrifices that you may absolutely have no clue about. Go to think about it, do we actually hug or kiss our moms or tell them we love them on an everyday basis? If you do, hats off to that. And if you don’t, then maybe you’ll just do it on mother’s day and without any awkwardness. Why don’t we as moms take a moment to imagine how it would feel to not be acknowledged or remembered on this day of ours when on other days we prioritize our children and families and always strive to make our loved ones happy?

Today, being a mother of a toddler, although he may not understand the significance of this day, a small gesture as much as a scribbled card or a flower from the pot would melt my heart to the core. I would cherish it dearly. We may not seek to be spoiled by huge expensive gifts, but I guess it is alright to expect a little appreciation from our children at least on occasions like these, even if it has to come through material things. After all, we’re human too. And truth be told, as mothers if we can ease our inhibitions and let our children have their way at times, make sure you make the most of it when the tables turn. Cause they will turn back again before you know it.

As we begin this magnificent journey of rediscovering the treasures of Pregnancy to Parenthood, we’d like to reach out to all the mothers around the world. Remember, you are tender yet strong, compassionate yet powerful, loving yet fierce… JUST BE YOU. 


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