My Complicated Pregnancy – Twins

It was after December 2016 that we started thinking of family planning. Like all others we were sure that I would conceive soon, as I never had any menstrual irregularities – my cycle was perfect and I was even physically active. Months passed by and we got negative results every time. It was definitely a depressing time. There was a time when we stopped trying even.  After one and a half years of trying, we opted for IVF (In-vitro fertilization) treatment. 

It sounds odd and tough initially but we constantly had a positive attitude towards this treatment. After a series of tests and pre-medications, I conceived in my very first cycle of IVF.

And yes, they were TWINS!!!

My fertility journey was undoubtedly an emotional one. But I had the constant support of my husband, my inlaws, and my parents who stood by my side all the time. Fertility treatments take lots of preparation mentally, physically, and even monetarily, but it is important that you have constant support around you. This journey was not simple and easy, but we remained strong. Everyone’s journey is different but in the end, it was worth going through this process. 

Initial months were bloomy, pampered. But at a 6-month scan, we found that my cervix got open and I was advised to complete bed rest until the due date. Continued support and care of my inlaws and parents helped a lot. 

Finally, I gave birth to twin baby boys at 31 weeks which was 2 months early to my due date. Both were underweight and kept under NICU for 1 month. I and my husband were only allowed to see them daily for just an hour. It was a heartbreaking and emotional moment for us to see our babies covered in an incubation box with tubes all over. But we remained positive and strong with the hope that they would be with us very soon. 

But God had a different fate for us. Our younger son faced some troubles in his stomach by his birth and had to undergo 2 surgeries in 3 months. At last, he lost the battle with life and breathed his last at just 3 months. We LOST our child! It was devastating, depressing and our lives were shattered. The pain of losing a child can not be described in words. 

At such times our family stood by us and my elder baby son was my strength all the time. He was the reason I could cheer up from the grief. He was the reason for getting our smiles back. 

His name is Kiyaan and he turned one year old. I miss my baby every day but seeing Kiyaan smile I feel he gave all smiles to Kiyaan. I feel, my angel baby is watching over his brother from heaven! 

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  • Deepa
    Posted September 28, 2020 11:23 pm 0Likes

    A truly heart warming journey of a tropper couple!
    The hardships you went through is unimaginable but your optimism and faith is contagious. May God bless you with unending love today and always. Cheers!

  • Meghna Gandhi
    Posted September 29, 2020 3:47 pm 0Likes

    Very well explained and expressed…you both showed your strength despite ur grief..

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