My Fatherhood Journey – Man to Superman

Our Daddios, JD Shah is on a mission – Fatherhood journey to him is a quest. Superhero dad wants to be there for his daughter at every phase of her life.

I still remember how I held my baby girl for the first time at 7:13 PM on the 4th of Feb 2018. I hugged her and she crawled into my arms and chest. What warmth she must have felt! I recorded her birth, took her pictures, wiped her first teardrop on my finger, and told her, “Don’t cry you are home”. I believe that God chooses parents based on the fate of the child – almost like job openings. What skills do you possess to help your child in their journeys? My fatherhood journey is a quest as a father to find that mystery – what can I do to be there for my daughter at every stage of her life.

Scared to hold her because she was so small – What if I hurt her? That thought still comes to me since the day she became a part of our family. Father’s love sometimes gets overshadowed by the mother’s, love that is the same at its roots, but branches out day by day.

Sometimes when I look at her when she is asleep, and watching her I kind of go on this time travel trip – many decades in a few minutes sometimes. How will she grow up? what will she become? Her dreams, aspirations, struggles, success, happiness, and whatnot… Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that she will have to face her share of hardships and pain in her life. That helps me reflect on the present – How can I be her friend, so close that she would never hesitate to approach me whenever she needs me?

Day by day as she grows up and develops her personality – coming out of her mother’s shadow, as painful as it is for the mother, it’s dad’s role to love his wife and child more and kind of balance the things out. I guess these hidden skills which are inbuilt in every man helps also him to deal with complex situations in life in general. What people also refer to as “being mature”. I feel I talk less, listen more, feel more natural than what I used to be before I became a father.

This Father’s day is very special to me. My wife and daughter bought me a gift and wished me “Happy Father’s Day” for the first time. What’s the price of that moment – so precious and pure? Once in a century – never again she will say Happy Father’s Day to me for that FIRST time that happened today. Priceless moments are filled in our lives every day – children help us discover them easier. These are some thoughts on this father’s day from me – while I and other countless dads work every day in quest of searching for that purpose for which God sent his children to our homes and chose us as a father to each unique child of his. Our fatherhood journey is to make the world a better place – I guess :-). From Man to Superman – the transition is real!

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