From a tiny nub,
To a lioness’s cub;
My darling cherub,
You have crossed a thousand mile posts.

Soaked in the fountain of love;
Blazed in the heat of discipline;
Voyaged around the sea of opportunities;
You are ready to explore newer sea- coasts.

Here I stand today,
And I ponder,
How you grew up so fast –
Still I wonder.

But for your Mom;
You will forever be,
Her lil’ snowy duckling,
Fringed within her womb, her teeny- weeny sapling.


As a mother, while your tiny baby grows within you, you too start to evolve and this new phase of evolution will continue till your last breath. This evolution of you as a parent will happen in many sub phases. Initially you will be surrounded by self doubt and pity, but eventually that feeling will be dominated by an ecstatic emotion of joy and tears once you hold your little pink munchkin in your arms and look at its little body, feel his tender skin and caress his tiny head and feet. And at that moment you will tell yourself “Yes, it was worth it.”

My poem is just an expression of how amazed I feel when I see my 2 kids grow up so fast. I wish I could go back in time and re-live a few rosy moments. Every mother has to play a number of multiple roles, juggling at least 6 to 7 errands at any given time but what gives you true pleasure at the end of a tiring day is a little smile from your darling cherub assuring you that all will be fine and here we are on this earth to make each other happy.

In my poem, I referred my child as a lioness’s cub. I am a leonine and I am ferociously protective about my kids and I have raised them to be humble but brave as the lion’s cubs. I used to call my elder son my lil duck and so I used the word duckling. I hope many moms like me will relate with my inner feelings and come up with fresh thoughts and ideas to share amongst us. Feel proud to be a mom.


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  • Poonam
    Posted June 22, 2020 1:27 pm 0Likes

    Good one Proud Mommy 👌👍

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