My Pregnancy Story – Oh Baby! Why so Complicated?

Our Mamacita, Riza Khan recalls her complicated pregnancy story.

PREGNANCY is often said to be the most distinctive experience. When we say ‘every pregnancy is different’, it really is. Here goes my pregnancy story

Planned pregnancy it was, which got me even more thrilled to announce the GOOD NEWS and to acquaint myself with the magical world I was about to step into.

My first visit to the gynaec was an ill-starred one. I had fainted twice before this visit and used to experience severe abdominal pain in the initial days. As fate would have it, I was advised to quit my job first thing, as I wasn’t strong enough to cope with the travelling involved. Now enters boredom and a feeling of being a crap. Sitting home idle all of a sudden and doing absolutely nothing, was something I could not take on a lightly.

Mood swings and numerous thoughts floating in my mind started making the phase an irritable one. My body was getting rounder, wider and weirder and along with it a swollen face. All this was again something hard to take. I sat and wondered if this was the magical world I was imagining to be. Although hardly anything seemed pleasant in terms of the changes that my body was going through, the only thing that kept me going and happy within was the fact that I am soon going to be a MOM.

It was time for my first scan and I still remember that nervous yet curious feeling I had. The Doctor had news for me. I was told that there was no growth of the foetus seen in the past days, which would either lead to self-termination or an abortion process if the condition continued till the next scan. I stood there numb. But somehow gathered the courage to come back home.

The first pregnancy is always special. The Doctor’s words echoed in my head. I wept in my husband’s arms like a stubborn child, insisting on bringing into this world the child I was carrying, safe, and healthy. I prepared myself to put in all the possible efforts and undertake any pain to do so.

By God’s grace, the medication started showing desired results and a visible growth was seen in the next scan. This brought in the much needed ray of hope and gave me the strength to face my biggest fear of injections and swallowing those large sized pills.

Pregnancy Story – 20 KG WEIGHT GAIN

Moving around with that heavy body was tough. I had put on a total of 20 kgs during my pregnancy, which made me quite unrecognisable. That severe pain in the tail bone is unforgettable. Discomfort just increased with each passing day. This one morning, I woke up with both my legs jammed, I could neither move them nor stand on my feet. This was the most painful experience out of all the complications I had gone through. After hospitalisation for a couple of days, I was alright.

The time for the last sonography was here. The fetus was found to be healthy with an appropriate weight to be delivered. But one last complication had to show its face. The amniotic fluid had started drying up, which could lead to a complicated delivery. Hence, a C-section delivery was advised and had to be executed in the next two days.

The fear of delivering a child is natural and universal. With absolutely no labor pain but teary eyes, I advanced into the operation theatre. Realising, that the moment I had been anticipating, was finally here. Just before commencing the procedure, the doctor asked me “What do you want, a girl or a boy?” to which I smiled and replied, “My child”. 

I took a deep breath and tolerated the pain of being injected with the spinal block. I kept myself conscious enough during that subconscious condition to hear that first cry of my newborn.

The moment I heard that loud cry, (yes it was really loud) my countdown to the miracle had ended but it was a new beginning of MOTHERHOOD in a true sense. Sometimes the journey is tough but the destination makes the toiling totally worth it!

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