Parenting in the Pandemic – 10 Best Parenting Tips

Parenting in the pandemic is going to be difficult. While young children may be afraid about this situation, older kids and teens are more likely to be infuriated by the limitations it brings. Parenting has been tough during the pandemic, in case you are perceiving regression traits in your child, then believe me you are not alone. Giving your child maximum priority and address all their issues.

COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely hard for children and it is said that the effects of the new wave are comparatively higher on them. After watching news related to the pandemic or overhearing an adult discussing this subject with family or friends, children might get further terrified of this situation.

Parenting in the Pandemic – 10 Best Parenting Tips

Here are some parenting tips to deal with challenges during the pandemic Covid 19:

1. Managing Yourself

Firstly, begin by dealing with your own anxiety levels. You could do this by exercising, eating healthy, keeping some time for fun, and implementing a regular relaxation practice. Parenting in the pandemic is going to be tough and it’s important to address your own mental and physical health issues.

2. Connect & Converse

It’s good to have a calm and practical discussion with children on how the country is facing the next Covid-19 wave challenge. Assure kids that it’s absolutely normal to feel a bit distressed and anxious. Tell them how vaccination will help the situation and assure them that soon everything will go back to normal.

3. Shower Love and Warmth

Guide children to stay hopeful and keep appreciating their work, inspiration, and resilience.

4. Stay Fit

Do mindful exercises, yoga, and meditation together. This will help to remain stress-free and bloom your parent-child bonding better.

5. Empathize

Do empathize with their frustrations and the things they have been forced to give up during the pandemic.

6. Be Grateful

Encourage your kids to count their blessings and be grateful for everything they have in their lives. Every day before going to the bed, make them fill in the blank “I am grateful for _______”. This will further nurture their positive attitude.

7. Virtual Playdates

Help your children stay connected! You can arrange social distancing activities through virtual playdates.

8. Read On Mindfulness

It’s recommended that kids practice mindfulness as it helps them to improve their focus, build a positive outlook towards life and also manage stress and emotions in a better way.

9. Be Creative

Give children creative assignments to learn the correct ways to handle this situation. Ask them to draw/ portray a picture of children wearing masks while stepping outside, playing and reading, or washing hands for 20 seconds.

10. Reward

If your child does well in their school, makes his/her own bed, keeps the room tidy, or gets along with siblings well then you can reward them weekly.

Conclusion – Think Optimistic, Be Calm, and Stay Happy. No matter what the situation reassure your child that your family will get through this difficult phase altogether.

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