Poem by a Mom – ONE DAY AT A TIME

ONE DAY AT A TIME is a poem by mom Ganga Rishi Sharma who wants to live moment by moment every instant of her life without having to worry about worldly problems as a mother. Being a mom is tough. Let’s live one day at a time!

I dwelled over my past,
I brooded over my future,
I overthought everything at vast;
And ruined every chance of adventure.

Enough of this constant agitation,
For the time being, I want to be at peace;
A moment without invasion-
Of multiple chaotic notions;
A pause of tranquility,
A nimbus cloud of salvation.

Let me live, one day at a time,
From Monday to Sunday with a sunshine.

I feel I am a worrisome person who cares about almost everything and feels distressed and anxious about even trivial things. Being cautious is one thing but seeing an elephant shadow instead of a tiny mole is then a problem. I think a lot about the mistakes of my past and remain calculative for being perfect in the future. But what I sometimes forget is that perfection is a word reserved for robotic machines whereas we humans by nature are allowed to err.

For that temporary moment of self realisation, I just want to forget about the past and to stop worrying about my future and crave to concentrate on what I have in my present. I want to appreciate my people around me, my friends, my family, and all the beautiful moments that I am going through right now with them. I just want to be like a bird who just cares about flying high in the sky, feeding itself and its babies, and getting back to its abode in time before the darkness sets in. I just want to live moment by moment every instant of my life from Monday to Sunday without having to worry about anything else at all.

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