Oh, Mom! Because of you, I’m on this wonderland,
You taught me how to walk and stand.
You were there when nobody was
You worked like water on dried grass.
Mom, you are the reason I’ve won so far
In my empty room, you were the rocking guitar.
Mom, you fulfilled my every worthless wish
Never understood your sacrifices, I was so foolish.
Now when you aren’t with me to listen to my silent cry
To hide my tears, my best I try.
You took away my fears, my life perfumed
Given by me, U cherished every wound.
What I’ve done to you, now I realise,
For not being a good daughter, I despise.
Sorry for what is done by me
I’m a drop of water and you are the sea.

Exchanging wedding vows with the love of your life is an appreciable milestone for every one of us. But life takes a drastic change there.

Many of us land on a space beyond our imagination. Literally, most of the girls’ lives change drastically after marriage. With typical Indian society, so many things affect girls after marriage… As a girl, she has left her home and family to become part of a new one, so it is only natural that she will miss her loved ones.

This poem here is expressing the indebtedness of a girl towards her mother which she ignored when everything was available at the tip of a finger. This poem is depicting the fathomless love of the mother and child.

Photo credit – Pixabay

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