Pregnancy Announcement – A Pukka Goan Fairytale #2

Announcing your pregnancy to family and friends can be one of the most fun parts of pregnancy. Get inspired by this sweet way in which this couple did their pregnancy announcement.

They have a secret… A colossal one! Hidden from everyone but the two of them at this point. It’s no biggie for him, he’s good with secrets. But she… her lips burn, her toes curl and uncurl. She is dying to cough up this mega untold piece of information to not just her nearest and dearest but to the world! Oh, but how?

How do you spill the beans that you’ve got a tiny little seedling growing inside your womb? Of course, this secret will surely reveal itself a few months down the line… that semi-flat tummy ain’t gonna remain flat no more but there’s something about breaking a beloved piece of news, to people you know will be happy for you, that puts pressure on you telling them in just the right way. Not to mention, it’s just been 120 days since they’ve tied the knot. A fleeting 4 months that have passed with new adjustments, the independence that has transformed into loving inter-dependence. This to be broken by looking after a baby!

It felt like just yesterday that she was out of college, eager to take on her first job, freedom to read, roam whenever, wherever she wanted. All those late nights partying, or absorbed in MMORPG games till the wee hours of the morning… there was no beau to tame her, her folks were liberal. This past life in her beloved hometown, Goa, appeared so magical, almost dream-like. Was this the same girl? She felt so domesticated now, so adult-like, and responsible for a new life! Was she ready yet? 

Having both sets of parents back in Goa, the couple discussed innovative ways of announcing the good news. Pinterest and Google revealed a whole plethora of baby pregnancy announcements but which one was their fit? Another fear lurked at the back of their minds… both grandparents-to-be were terrible confidants. The couple was sure that no sooner were they to announce the news, that not only would close relatives know but the whole town as well!

This had to be timed just right. And Google research did mention baby news was safest to be announced after the first trimester. This duration did seem too long for the couple who were just itching to share the good news. So 2 months into the pregnancy, they let the cat out of the bag.

Pregnancy Announcement

pregnancy announcement cake

A cake was arranged for, by a sibling at his parent’s place. A short note (pregnancy announcement message) attached to the cake box read:

“A wee bit of heaven drifted down from above.
A handful of happiness, a heart full of love.
The mystery of life, so sacred and sweet.
The giver of joy, so deep and complete.
Precious and priceless, so loveable too.
Come 2017, Merry Grandparents are you!”

A slow dawning of enlightenment occurred as a Whatsapp video call disclosed the folks to re-read the message before they burst into smiles and congratulations all around.

As foreseen, the good news spread faster than an Australian bushfire. A scheduled vacation to their hometown revealed almost every relative having found out about the wee bun in the oven. It was quite amusing to find close family members trying their best to keep the secret but tripping over their own words and spilling the beans unintentionally until it was too late. Being the first grandchild on his side, the news was joyfully welcomed and the baby much awaited. Only time would tell, whether the couple would face any hiccups along the way or a smooth pregnancy.

To be continued…

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~Madame C’est si Bom

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