Pregnancy Diary – The Sound Of Your Heart

2nd February 2017 (The day I heard my baby’s heartbeat)

The thought of becoming parents for the first time kept us awake and chatting almost the entire night. Discussing our POA as if you are going to be arriving tomorrow itself.

It’s so funny that until yesterday I was fiercely going about doing all the domestic chores at top speed and now suddenly I’m all so careful with my postures while sitting, standing, walking and everything! Actually I was a little worried about the slight spotting that I’ve been seeing for the last two days. I initially believed it to be my periods, but it’s not the usual kinda flow. I had lifted some heavy trolley bags to place up in the cabinet just the other day and have also been bending a lot to sweep and mop under the furniture. The worst thoughts got me all the more nervous and I wanted to see the doctor right away.

So, like always your dad was quick to do the needful. He inquired and immediately fixed an appointment with one of the best gynaecologists in town. After the narration of my self-testing stint, we were asked to get an ultrasound done to be sure you are for real and are doing well. Thanks to my tryst with PCOD, I was pretty familiar with ultrasounds and could keep my nerves during the procedure.

After a bit of probing came the big ‘Moment of Truth’. At first, I was taken aback, unsure what it was. A SOUND! much like that of a galloping horse… The doctor noticed my perplexed face and revealed to me that it was the sound of your HEARTBEAT! She told me that you’ve been in there for the last 6 weeks and a day. And your tiny heart is already pulsing so rapidly.

That sound was the sweetest music that had ever fallen on my ears. I think I even felt a tear trickle down my cheek. So I requested the doctor to let daddy in to see you. As we held hands, we just couldn’t get our eyes off the screen. It was a magical moment to see a mini ‘Us’ alive and kicking (well, soon you will be) inside me.

So we took the reports back to our doctor to get the final word. All is well, she says. I only have to relax and take care of us. I did express my concern about the spotting. But she said that it’s a normal occurrence and there was nothing to worry about. Apparently it is ‘Implantation Bleeding’ and it happened as you tried to find a place and fit yourself snugly into the walls of my womb which will be your tiny home for the next few months…

I have a load of emotions whirling inside of me as I pen this today in my pregnancy diary. I wish I could sum it all up in just one word. Well, I guess there isn’t any. But the one that’s standing out right now is utter JOY!

All I wish and pray for at this moment is a normal and safe pregnancy so that you can grow into a healthy baby whom I will caress in my arms very soon.

Our little bundle is on the way and there’s so much to do (making a mental list in my head). Will all of it be ready in time before your arrival?

But for now, let’s just start by breaking the news to both your grandmas that they’re due for a promotion soon. And I think your maasi – aunt is just going to cry when I tell her (she’s the emo kind you know). I plan to make the most of all the care and attention that I’m going to get from everyone… cuz, after all, I ain’t gonna stay pregnant forever right?

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