Pregnancy Fashion – Style that Bump!

Riza Khan loves styling up and feels pregnancy fashion is a must for new moms-to-be.

The number on the weighing scale is on a high spree. It is impossible to ignore those midnight cravings for chocolate ice cream. My belly is getting bigger and rounder and so is the rest of my body. My favorite innerwear doesn’t fit right anymore. And my skinny fit jeans! Will I have to say goodbye to them? 

If you find yourself worrying about your “maternity look”, trust me you are not alone. Feeling happy and staying healthy is so very important for an expecting mom. As for me, apart from the ‘feel-good’ factor, I needed the ‘look good’ factor as well to maintain a happy mind and body. Like most of the soon- to- be moms, my growing tummy started straining me for my dress code over the next few months. 

Fashion makes me happy and I love to follow the trends. But how do I go about styling up when the bump is showing and growing every week? I want style and comfort. How do I do both? Do I really have to invest so heavily in maternity wear, when I know those outfits won’t do much good later on? Such questions did arise in my mind, the answers to which pretty much already existed in my wardrobe. 

Just because you are expecting, does not mean you have to compromise on dressing well and looking pretty. If you know how to fit your new and expanding figure in the clothing that you already possess, you can always look trendy like you did before pregnancy. You don’t have to don baggy shirts or anything that does not flatter your body just because there is a baby on the way. Instead, wear semi-fitted yet comfortable outfits that give you a leaner look and boost up your confidence. Just modify your current wardrobe, add in a handful of maternity basics and you are good to go. Look good and feel good for the months to come. 

You are creating a human after all. Style that bump and dress like a star! Here is a fun poem written by me to express my feelings about pregnancy fashion.

Fashion is not something that is limited only to dressing.

For it’s also your attitude and your ideas that you keep impressing.

Your pregnant body encounters changes, both physically and emotionally.

And the feeling of your baby stirring within, tells you that you’re never lonely.

Look at your loved ones, they joyfully dance and jump.

For you are soon going to show off your stylish baby bump.

Gone are the days when women would forgo styling up on getting pregnant.  

For today’s moms-to-be are blooming like a flower that is beautiful and fragrant.

Step out in style, change a thought, and break the age-old claim.

For with a few dos & don’ts, you’ll be on top of your pregnancy game.

Don’t right after knowing the news, rush to shop.

You’ll still fit into your existing wardrobe, as your belly isn’t instantly going to pop.

Don’t worry about your size and don those oversized costumes.

Pair up the maternity skinny jeans with some flared tops and beat the fashion tunes.

Don’t opt for body clinging kurtas, which are the current trend.

But flaunt your evergreen anarkalis, which serve to be your friend.

Don’t wear clothing that immolates your comfort and ease.

You can move around freely in voguish dresses and maxis.

Don’t just get into the game of blacks and blues.

Dress in a variety of vibrant colours, like yellow, pink, pastels, and play with the hues.

Don’t squeeze your feet into those pumps and stilettos.

Relax your tired feet and slip into the chic yet cosy flats with pretty bows.

Don’t skip your salon pampering sessions if you cannot go out.

You can call for a home service, brighten up and pout.

These are some tips from me to thee.

To up your fashion game and stay stylish the way you gotta be…

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