Pregnancy Pillow – I do need you

July, 1, 2013

Dearest baby,

Your mama is sleep deprived. There is so much pain and discomfort while I try to go to sleep. Sleeping on my back ends up in an excruciating backache. I toss and turn all night from one side to the other. Some days I am so anxious and worried that I just cannot sleep! Not to mention the constant need to go to the loo, heart burn, leg cramps or vivid dreams/nightmares. I wake up like every hour at night to pee.

I try so hard to calm myself and fall asleep, but my brain just can’t stop working. I wake up in my REM phase and it’s the same thing all over again. It’s like I am stuck in some loop of events thats driving me crazy. On some days, I have tried sleeping for more than 12 hours but still wake up with fatigue. Nina says, this situation will further worsen in the later weeks of pregnancy.

Your father has been trying a lot to bring some comfort to me though. Back rubs, leg massages, caressing me to sleep, oiling my hair- everything in his capacity.

Today he surprised me with a ‘Pregnancy Pillow’. This is a uniquely designed pillow for new-moms that supports the body in all the stages of pregnancy and beyond. They are much longer than our regular pillows that helps ease the discomfort across various sleeping positions including sides and back. This special pillow is particularly useful during the later stages of pregnancy when sleeping or even lying down becomes a nightmare.

I am mostly a back-sleeper. But now the doctor has advised me not to do so specially in the 3rd trimester. He explained how sleeping flat on the back places the weight of the growing uterus on the main vein carrying blood from the spine to the heart, interfering with the blood circulation.

My new Mother Care Pregnancy Pillow is soooo good. It is C shaped and I love it! I can support my tummy, rest my swollen legs on it and sleep on the sides like a baby!!! I also plan to use this pillow as a wedge to nurse you comfortably.

A piece of advice to all the expecting mommies… you should definitely consider adding this wonderful product to your purchase list.

Lot of love,
Sleepless Mama – Not anymore

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