Relationships and Us – Family Goals

In this modern world of the 21st-century communication technology is at its pinnacle where sending messages and being in touch with people near or far is at your fingertips. In spite of all the various apps, added features, and emojis to help you express better..what is the most common dilemma in today’s relationships is misunderstandings. You meant to say something..but something else is assumed, interpreted, and understood! The outcome can vary from disappointment, hurt emotions to ultimately drifting apart.

Born in this world beginning with only the emotion of crying and smiling, we never realize when these other emotions of greed, jealousy, anger, and hatred got into us. And slowly as we grew up our Yes no longer meant just Yes and same with our NO’s. We learned to fabricate our thoughts and share it adjusting to the person and time we speak. A mask came over us that always hid our real feelings and pretend to be someone that’s more socially appealing and acceptable.

Have you ever wondered why does Facebook only has a like option and not a dislike option? Because maybe we all like to be liked..we always want to hear good about ourselves, a little disagreement can hurt our ego and can tamper our mood. In this virtual world of pleasing others, seeking more comments, likes and views..somewhere the real you is lost.

Instead of getting entangled in the web of the virtual world, whose aim is to just get you more entangled in it, it is time that we raise our heads over the phone and see the real world around us. There are your Mom and Dad waiting to hear from you, your spouse waiting to look into your eyes and forget everything again, and finally your kids who would no longer remain just kids!

I feel relationships, be it any, are like growing a plant where you sow the seed with trust and nurture it with proper sunlight and watering as required. Constant love and attention are needed to sustain the plant in different seasons. Similarly in relationships too patience and understanding are important. We need to be gentle with one another, give an embracing hug when needed, share loving words and create positive energy and non judged environment so that our loved ones too can bloom like a blossoming flower.

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