Priyamvadha Chandramouli

Registered Dietician, Nutritionist, Wellness consultant

Brief info

Priyamvadha Chandramouli is a founder of, which is a baby & Mom wellness destination. Not only because she is a mother of two, but because she wants to support new parents by simplifying the nutrition concepts and helping them overcome the difficulties of child nutrition. Also, gone the extra-mile care of supporting the pre and post-pregnancy (maternal) nutrition for a healthy mum-to-be journey. Presently she has authored a book on weaning guide- A guide to nourished beginning for (Your baby’s first 75 Recipes and Diet Charts), launching shortly.

Her ex- venture was a child nutrition firm that that was successfully associated with several preschool chains and schools for their in-house nutrition programs. Over 5000+ children were guided and assisted in their journey of nourished growth. A mother of two children, she is passionate about supporting young mothers overcome the difficulties of know-how of nutrition by simplifying the nutrition concepts. 

She is a regular columnist to a health magazine and has worked with several healthcare startups. Her key services include child nutrition, Women's health, Family nutrition and wellness diets that help them to achieve their health and wellness goals.

She has been featured in English Magazine – Femina, along with many leading newspapers like The Hindu. She was also featured on The Deccan Chronicle, Times of India and The Economic Times for successfully transitioning schools and preschools into healthy eating environments through her digital platform solution.

Priyamvadha Chandramouli is an in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics and a Registered Dietician. She is a nutritionist and wellness consultant.

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