The Pukka Goan Fairytale #1 –

“Hold me close and hold me fast, the magic spell you cast, this is La Vie en rose…” This enchanting song reflected her life. She was reeling from a whirlwind wedding, a typical Goan affair, with 400+guests, the bubbly all around, a mix of Portuguese, Konkani and English numbers belting from the talented live Goan band on stage with aromas of Sorpotel, Vindaloo and other Goan delicacies wafting from the wedding buffet nearby. Not much of all this registered though, the wedding was an absolute blur – all she recalled was the handsome French-bearded man twirling her around to the strains of La Vie en Rose.

Their honeymoon was a romantic getaway to the golden shores of Ao Nang, a quaint resort town in Thailand’s Krabi Province. With it’s relaxed atmosphere, tourist friendly locals and picturesque scenes, Krabi resonated well with this newly married couple, reminding them much of Goa’s ambience, their hometown.

A season has strolled by… it’s now the summer – hot, humid and unbearably boiling but not for our two lovebirds. Their eyes are only for each other. The heat dissipates amidst their amiable co-existence. The grind of work life back in Maharashtra’s capital holds new meaning. She has an evening of amicable companionship to look forward to, a weekend of cinema mornings, amateur cooking and cosy book evenings as both are avid readers.

It so happens on one fine weekend, she realizes the inevitable – her date is missed. ‘It’s happening’ she thinks. ‘Am I ready? Are we ready? Or maybe am just late’. She affirms to take a test. She goes online. She reads : Best time to take a test is two weeks after a missed period. ‘Ok… I can be patient’. On her way back from work, she stops at the local chemist and picks up a pregnancy test kit ‘Will they think it’s for me? Does it matter? Oh nevermind’. She walks home with a Prega News kit tucked nervously in her bag.

Two weeks have passed. It’s a glorious Wednesday. She wakes early, it’s a work day. ‘I can’t wait any longer. I need to know now!’ Her patience has run out. The kit instructions read: For optimal results, take the test first thing in the morning. Ok. ‘Today’s The Day’ she decides. She waits for the results, a mere 2 seconds which seem like an eternity… and there it is : a clear 2 lines show visible. Positive!

‘Oh boy, what do I do? How do I break the news? I haven’t quite thought this through’ She frantically goes online again. ‘Woah! Lot’s of creative announcements out there. But I don’t have the time.’ She’s jumping up and down with excitement. She rushes about the apartment collecting a few items. He looks up from his phone, ‘What’s up?’. ‘I’ll tell you in a bit’ she responds. He’s patiently waiting to begin breakfast.
She bolts herself inside the bedroom. ‘Quick!’ she thinks, hoping that the test results don’t’ disappear. Her hands are shivering but she manages to draw out a heartbeat, with a heart in the middle. She scrawls beneath the simple doodle with feverish fingers “Roses are red, violets are blue, inside me, beats two hearts for you.” She grabs the test result, along with the drawing book, lays them out on the table and glances knowingly at her beloved.

He’s engrossed in the phone, but looks up. “Look!” she says, wide eyed. He looks at the doodle, looks up again “What?” Typical male species – absentminded lot when it comes to simple arithmetic. “Look again” she says. And then it hits “Oh shit!”. “That’s what you’ve got to say!?” she’s astounded but laughing “I mean, congrats! We are pregnant!” he raves and then engulfs her in a passionate kiss.

To be continued…

~Madame C’est si Bom

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