Motherhood Poem – Today I Noticed

The poem is about sacrifices made for Motherhood.

Sitting outside and in thoughts so deep,

Today I noticed,

Being a mom, I’ve forgotten peaceful sleep.

Today I noticed….

I forgot about those beauty naps.

I forgot about those friends and their chit chats.

Today I noticed…

I’ve started liking Pink more than Black.

I’ve learnt to do the tiger’s roar and a duck’s quack.

Today I noticed…

that I now postpone our coffee dates.

To make her happy we’ve learnt loads of baits.

Today I noticed…

that I’m a Radio for her endless lullabies.

Being me mom, never counted the sacrifice.

Today I noticed…

that I’ve learnt her ruptured words.

And now I too get excited seeing animal herds.

Today I noticed…

that her tender gestures make me cry

to then hide my tears I always try.

Today I noticed…

That talking of her wedding gives us sunken hearts.

But I know this is how the chain starts…..

Every newborn child brings about changes in the life of a first-time mom. All our desires, dreams, ambitions, likes, and dislikes either change or just fade away into the background. The new person that has just arrived, takes precedence over everything that was once so very important to our individuality. Our lives get completely reshuffled as we begin nourishing and enriching this tiny life that we brought into the world. Apart from giving and receiving love unconditionally, we start learning and looking at things from different perspectives; trying to make sense of what they speak and understanding every kind of need by just the sound of a cry. Such is the bond between a mother and her child. We get so engrossed in their upbringing that we sometimes barely notice how far we have come and how we have grown and learned so much along the way. 

This poem is very close to my heart as every word of it is delineating the smallest changes my daughter Amaya has brought into my life. Right from losing sleep to weight gain, from eating fast foods to healthy lentils. It portrays the endless sacrifices of a mother, changing the choice of colours to changing priorities, still cherishing every metamorphic incident during motherhood.

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