What Do Babies Want From Us?- Our Love and Presence

Our newest Mamacita, Rituka Bagri shares with Pregnancy to Parenthood why it is very important to spend time and bond with babies.

What do Babies want from Us? Maa ka Pyaar aur Saath (Mother’s Love and Presence)

On 7th March 2019, I gave birth to my son Saksham and from that day on my life took a beautiful turn. When his soft little fingers clenched my hands, I found a new purpose in my life and felt complete.

It’s been one year since and like every mom, I have faced loads of hurdles in my motherhood journey. Managing time with my baby, giving proper diet, teething issues, non-sleeping hours, no time for self, keeping a check on health issues, and yes on top managing my little monster’s tantrums and mood swings. 24 hours seems not enough sometimes.

Every mother wants the best for her child. To most moms, financial security, hygiene, health, and nutrition are top priorities. But there is something more which is very important and should be part of the above priority list. We moms are always piled up with so much household and professional work, that sometimes we tend to ignore our child’s social and emotional health. With time I gradually realized babies do need our undivided attention and full presence. A child for no reason will cry for hours, only because it wants to cuddle and sleep on your lap.

Yes, many of you may not agree with this. Many moms may even think that this approach will spoil the baby. ‘Your baby will get addicted to you!’ Many of my friends and neighbors have even warned me. But I don’t think so.

Newborns have poor eyesight when they are born and need to be about 8-12 inches from your face to see you clearly. As your child grows older, you will still need to maintain a relatively closer presence to make them feel safe. In fact, there has been groundbreaking new parenting research proving that a strong emotional attachment between a mother and her child may help avert diseases, boost immunity, and increase a child’s IQ.

As a child, I have fond memories of my mother being readily available whenever I was hungry or I wanted to sleep. My mother no matter what was always there for me. Even today my Mom is just a call away and I want to be the same emotional support for my child.

Our womb is their home for nine months and suddenly babies are introduced to this loud busy world making them disorganized and stressed. They actually don’t know what to do. This is the very reason babies need to be held and soothed. Our sweet cuddles, kisses, and hugs are doing a much greater job, more than we can comprehend.

Whenever I am doing some chore and if my baby coos, cries, or reaches for me and wants me to hold him, I always make sure to hold him in my arm. You don’t need reasons to hold your child or spend time with your child.

So, next time when your infant cries, your baby wants to play with you, your toddler wants to show you something, your teenager wants to share something… take a break from your ever so busy routine, look for cues, listen to them, try to understand and do what your kids want. Spend the precious time you have with them because one day they will get so busy and they will have their own priorities to care for. 

Lastly, I want to commend “Pregnancy to Parenthood ” for giving new moms this opportunity to write about our parenting journey. I have been blogging about my parenting journey on Instagram. Please follow my handle for more such parenting stories @bagrisaksham.

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    How beautifully explained, each sentence is true to the core. Love it❤️

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    An informative write-up. Please keep sharing more.

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    Thanku for featuring

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