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You only know what your parents must have gone through when they raised you, when you yourself become a parent. 

Sleepless nights, changing diapers, constant feeding, looking for those small gestures and signs, understanding the need of a child, figuring out the reason your little one is crying, is he cold? Or is he warm? What is good for my baby what not, what should be introduced to the child and what not and then whole set of advises to follow or ignore.

But all these things just fade away with a smile of your little one 👶🏻. Their smiles, their laughs, the sparkle in their eyes when they see you, their small little hands wanting you to take them, their small little crawls wanting to reach out for everything possible/impossible, makes your heart swell.

Tears in happiness on each and every single milestone of your child, tears in the pain of vaccine your child just went through… That’s what motherhood is all about.

I am a mother of 18-month-old baby boy whose name is Devit and what has tremendously changed through these months of motherhood is reacting and doing each and everything in a better way because my baby boy is noticing everything around him and also because he deserves the best.

In many ways he has made me a better person, he has made my life blissful. I laugh a little more, I enjoy a little more and I can see the child in my inner self growing with my son. 

It is priceless to watch your child grow with all the cuteness, curiosities, activities, naughtiness, and most important of all is his understanding of the feelings.👶🏻 

I used to write to my baby every day when he was in my womb and today I just felt like penning down what I realized being a mother. 

Kudos to all the  beautiful mothers out there!!

We all rock and yes we are all doing a great job in our own ways because every mother and her child are special, unique and incomparable.

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